Monday, October 03, 2016


NUM 19 - the Red Heifer for the "water for impurity"
Of course I think of Jesus, with the same sacrifice (connected by blood to the tent of meeting) used over and over to cleanse subsequent uncleannesses.  He was offered only once, yet we are still cleansed by nothing else.

V.10 is a theme repeated over and over in the Law, that there's "One statute both for the people of Israel & those who sojourn with them."  Outsiders didn't get to say "I don't believe in that stuff, count me out". If anyone's living with us, we shouldn't allow them to live however they please in our communities, there is one way to live if you're living with us, whether or not you "believe in it".

We know that a man doesn't get unclean from what's outside, but as Jesus said from the things that come from the heart. As Christians we still become unclean in that way, and still need to cleanse ourselves and one another. V.21 says the one who applies the water of cleansing to the unclean person made me think of Galatians 6:1 where we're told to restore one another gently looking out so we aren't tempted ourselves.  The last few verses remind me of Jude 23, how dicey a work it seems to be to rescue a brother or sister in sin.

PS 57
V.9 stood out, as one more reason to sing.  Singing is a constant Judeo/Christian practice throughout history, more than in any other "religion", & David says he does it in the midst of the unbelieving nations because God's faithfulness and love for him lasts beyond Gentile lands, even to the atmosphere and outer space.

DAN 12
The prophecy of the end proper, Daniel is told that at the time of great trouble "Your people shall be delivered" - I'm friends with a lot of Postmillennialist believers, who take most passages like this to refer to A.D. 70, yet this is decidedly NOT talking about the destruction of all Jerusalem and the diaspora/persecution of all Jews!, even if you factor in "everyone whose name is found written in the book".   In Vs.7 again, the "shattering of the power of the Holy people" must come to an end.

V.10 speaks (reminiscent of Num19) of those who "purify themselves" for the time of the end.  As John said in his first letter, "He who has this hope in him purifies himself as He is pure"

1 Thess 4
The will of God is our sanctification, called (V7) not for impurity, but in holiness that's concerned with what we do bodily (V4) & for the holiness of all our brothers/sisters as well; not to transgress or lead one another into uncleanness, but to encourage with knowledge of the Lord's coming, and increase of brotherly love one another. This seems to be the biggest recurrent theme in all my readings today.

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