Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Beatitude #2

“Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted.” – The Lord Jesus Christ

Some interpret this as those who mourn over their sin, in keeping with the “blessed are the poor in spirit” that comes just before it.  Others affirm that it applies to those who mourn in general, over the sorry condition of the world, death and wickedness.  But can’t it be both?  Trace both of these back; the external evils of the world around us, and the evil of indwelling sin. Both are good reasons for mourning.  Both have a common root in a single event: “The tree of prohibition, root of all our woe.”  And how can we be comforted?  How is it possible to reverse something so far upstream?  To undo the transgression that the whole creation -including we who have the first fruits of the Spirit- have been mourning over?  For that we would need a new temptation – but this time overcome.  We would need a new Adam, a new Eve for that Adam, a Tree of Life, a New Heavens and Earth!  And that is what God has begun to do.  Well, we have the comfort of knowing we are forgiven, we have the comfort of seeing present victories over indwelling sin through the Spirit, and now and again we are comforted when God through His mercy heals physical ills when we pray in Jesus’ name.   But we look for the day when the deal is done - when all causes for mourning, within and without, are done away with.  And those who hope for just this (and rejoice in what measure they have presently received it) wait for the full overturning that will bring them the comfort that they mourn for.  Only those who hunger and thirst for the setting right of everything will be satisfied.