Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Started at new job site today, we finished the last house yesterday.
So I'm working in Edina-not too far from the Northwestern Bookstore! The house is a renovation this time, and my foreman Todd was nervous about it because he's never done a remodel/renovation before. The big bosses told him twice this morning that the power was disconnected, so as we're all tearing out the siding he tells Shem to cut the cable running up the house with a sawsall. As Shem got started cutting, the thing exploded in a shower of sparks. Todd wasn't convinced that it was electrical so he tried his hand at cutting it and tZzZzZt!- the same thing happened. The blade of the sawsall was all fried up, it was pretty funny, in a deadly kind of way...
That kind of thing never happened in the office.
And my shoulders are sore from lugging around greentreat 6x4s and plywood sheets all day. My hammer swings in my toolbelt whenever I walk fast, and has a way of bashing my kneecaps about every half hour. My hands are covered in blisters and broken skin, my toes have been pulverized by heavy objects and my shins are banged up as well. I also get to see the sky, work outdoors, sing worship songs, build stuff, talk about Jesus without any PC atmosphere to persecute me...
It's glorious!

On another note, been reading and re-reading Hebrews 1. I'll let you know what I've been given on that next post most likely.