Friday, July 28, 2006

GOD = GOOD::::::::

One can't talk of "good" without talking of God. The real god who revealed himself throughout the ages in the scriptural communications to men, provides the onlly real reference point by which to measure and define all things (their value, worth, and against the unchanging character of God to define an actions moral significance) Christianity therefore has a solid base for real discernment when it comes to Good. One can't talk about "good" without referencing God, and when one talks about God one is simultaneously talking about Good, since God-likeness (the extent at which something conforms to the nature and being of God's person) is the definition of goodness- exemplified for us once for all in the person of Jesus Christ.

Therefore, Humanist ethical systems are akin to a virus-along with any sort of pseudomoral system (aside from the more consistently satanic varieties that follow the maxim "do what thou wilt"). A virus doesn't have reproductive capability (and some-myself included-would say is not even validly considered a life form because of this deficiency)- just the DNA strand information to reproduce itself, which it must inject into a valid organism/cell which IS capable of reproducing itself and hijack that cell's reproductive system in order to force it to manufacture more virii.

Hence the connection. Humanist and Agnostic moral systems constantly borrow moral principals cut from their theistic (and usually Christian) roots in order to remain viable options for God-rejecting-yet-innately-moral mankind. They borrow the idea that human life is special and should be protected, but without a valid basis for this assumption (they've cut it from it's biblical roots, man is valuable according to Scripture because he is created in the image of God) Any sexual ethics are also an excellent example. Most ppl in our society wouldn't be able to give a sufficient reason why pedophilia is wrong, because in distaste for God's plan of sexual relations, they have reduced the ethics of sex to a matter of "consent".

Another parallel: A virus is either rendered inactive or killed, or in turn kills its host (in turn destroying its ability to reproduce itself). The same is true for the relationship between Christian God-based ethics and the modern and postmodern attempts at ethical systems.

In the End, the Creator of All will once more rule all things in totality-reconforming all that will remain to His character . I yearn for that Day!
You YHWH are my Father, Jesus, my kurios, my Lord.
The rapture.

I find it more and more likely the more attacks I hear on it. It seems to have the weight of scriptural support plainly read, and those detractors of it seem to have a view of the bible and eschatology that tends towards oversimplification and unnecessary metaphoric interpretations - and overall seem to be without confidence in the inerrancy of Scripture.